AIESEC UMM Cooperates with Schools and SMEs in Malang Going International

Author : Humas | Thursday, February 01, 2018 14:30 WIB
Larapbharik Shangrit, one of the exchange participants from India is delivering a speech about education

7 foreign students from China, India, and Bangladesh attended Exchange Participants Welcoming Gathering held by AEISEC UMM at BAU Hall University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on Thursday (1/2). This activity is as a support and real action of AIESEC UMM towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) echoed by the United Nations since 2015. All of those students will carry out a social project such as Dream School project and E-Volution project.

Dian Kresnawan, the vice president of AIESEC UMM said, ”This is a collaboration project. We want to give teaching experience to those exchange students and also give experience to the society in running a business”. Dream school is a social project that aims to increase both teachers’ and students’ knowledge in rural areas in Malang about the advancement of modern education as well as to support the fourth point of SDGs. Dian said, “Dream school is aimed to increase knowledge of innovation and creation about curriculum”.

Meanwhile, E-Volution project is a social project which focuses on helping SMEs in building new competitiveness and creating innovation in their products. These two projects are in cooperation with Primary School of Tlogomas 2, Cemorokandang Primary School, Junior High School of Cemorokandang, Al-Huda Islamic Primary School, Al-Huda Islamic Junior High School, Amazing Malang SME Community.

Dream school project will produce a guide book to increase the teaching and learning quality in schools that are collaborated with AIESEC. Meanwhile, those foreign students can help SMEs owner to make a production scheme that will generate a lot of profit yet increase the product quality.

Dian who is also a student of English Department of UMM stated that, “The short goal of Dream school is that schools should have two things that can be developed from the curriculum. Then, E-Volution can develop the SMEs”. These two projects will be run for six weeks. Besides, there are 20 Indonesian students go to various country through AIESEC such as Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka (lus)



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