7 UMM Taekwondo Athletes Wins Medals in International Championships

Author : Humas | Thursday, October 31, 2019 16:12 WIB

The happiness of the UMM Taekwondo Team while holding a medal that was successfully obtained. (Photo: Special)

The Taekwondo Contingent of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) won the title of the 2019 Badung Sports Week Pugnator International Taekwondo championship held on October 24-27 2019 at GOR Purna Krida Badung Regency, Bali.

In this prestigious championship, UMM won a total of 7 medals. Consists of 4 silver medals in the Kyorugi category, 3 bronze medals in the Kyorugi category and 1 bronze medal in the Poomsae category. The championship was attended by at least 1600 participants from 10 countries. These include Australia, Thailand, Singapore, India, Taiwan, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, China, Hong Kong.

"Regardless of the medals that are brought, it is hoped that it can make our experience and learning, especially for learning in international championships. This is also a benchmark for us in terms of ability and can evaluate it, "said Gavra Dharmmesta Yusuf, Chairperson of UMM Taekwondo.

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Classes that are contested are Kyorugi and Poomsae. Kyorugi is a duel and agility fight between participants. While Poomsae is the art of movement, punches, kicks, and defiance. UMM sent at least 7 athletes who had previously been selected within the campus. The athlete consists of 6 Kyorugi categories and 1 Poomsae category.

To prepare for this match, UMM Taekwondo athletes had practiced a lot which began in August. In addition to regular training twice a week, the athletes also take part in a training center that has been going on for two months. They also always maintain their weight, so that when weighing according to the class being followed.

"The key is to practice diligently and enter the race. The more practice the easier it will be during a match. From there we can see, the more flight hours, the better the disposition during the game, "said Gavra, a student of the Electrical Engineering study program. (riz)



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