423 Fighters of Tapak Suci “Show Off” at UMM

Author : Humas | Monday, December 05, 2016 14:06 WIB

The excitement of one of games on the 6th of Tapak Suci Putra Muhammudiyah National Youth Campionship (5/12). (Photo: Rino / PR)

423 fighters from 23 provinces in Indonesia fight for winning the prestigious title in Tapak Suci Putra Muhammadiyah Youth National Championship VI which was held at the Hall of University of Muhammadiyah Malang today, Monday (5/12). The Chairman of Central Excetutive (PP) Muhammadiyah, Drs.Dahlan Rais, M.Hum attended the opening of this event for 4 days (5 to 8 December).

In his speech, Dahlan Rais expressed his proudness to this one of autonomous organizations of Muhammadiyah. “By holding events such as National Championship, it shows that the organization is good and has high quality”.

Dahlan also thought that Tapak Suci had managed to provide good guidance to children, youth, and even the generation of the nation. “ They who have joined Tapak Suci Putra Muhammadiyah will have good manners, good characters, and they will be the power of this nation, insha Allah”.

After the opening ceremony, Chairman of PP Tapak Suci Putra Muhammadiyah, lieutenant colonel M.Afnan Zamhari, P.br said that he was very proud of this National Championship event. “ You are brave enough to sacrifice your main obligation which is final examination. We need to give big appreciation to you all”.

A participant from West Sumatra contingent who is now the student of State High School of Bukit Tinggi first grade, Dimas Al Fajrin claimed that he had prepared everything carefully. One of the preparations was practicing diligently. “Not only techniqally, physically, and mentally but also we have to learn how to compete with people from other regions”.

The coach from West Sumatra contingent, Fajar M. Hasimi emphasized his 12 students to learn some rules and fighting style of each region.” Every region has its own style, so you should learn it”.

However, Fajar did not force his students to win the competition because title, experience, and friendship among the participants of each region were more important. He said, “ We need to work hard and get achievement for sure”.

On the other hand, the chief of the event, Bintal Yudana said that there were some representatives from some provinces did not attend the event.” Perhaps, because it’s rainy season, so some contingents cannot delegate their participants. Another reason is because they lack of money”. Bintal who is one of Regional Leaders of Tapak Suci 27 of Malang concluded. (can)



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