42 Laboratories at UMM are Ready to be Accredited

Author : Humas | Monday, March 20, 2017 15:51 WIB

THE NATIONAL Accreditation Body (KAN) had conducted an assessment for the Central Laboratory of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on March 16 to 17, 2017 ago. Among team of assessment who attended  namely the chief of assessor Murtiningsih, M. App.Sc. from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KPP) Jakarta, members of the assessor Renata Iskandar, M. Phil from Purnabakti, Bogor and an experts Dr. Wahyu Purbowasito Setyo Waskito from BSN-KAN.

UMM Central Laboratory Head, Dr. Ir. Elfi Anis Saati, MP, explained that the arrival of assessors team as the first assessment to gain a recognition from the KAN ISO 17025. Elfi had targeted, in 2017 the number of laboratories from 42 laboratories consists of 25 exact laboratories and 17 social science laboratories that exist accros UMM can be accredited.

"This endeavor we had fought in 2016, beginning with the request of several laboratories namely laboratory of nutrition and laboratory of biotechnology," Elfie said who also an Program Study Professor of ITP UMM.

Based on results test of assessor, Elfi added, UMM grouped in 6 scope of testing from four laboratories in UMM. Among the laboratories that tested namely the nutrient laboratory through analysis controlling, proximate chemical analysis methods to identify the content of nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber in a food substance from feed material or food.

The second laboratory which tested  namely the biotechnology laboratory which proposed two testing, total sugars and protein testing.  The third, Food Science and Technology Laboratory (ITP) which proposed the total testing of anthocyanin. Lastly, the biological laboratory proposed scope testing of Total Plate Count (TPC) from specific microbes and also the test of antimikrobian inhibition which allegedly contained in bioactive compounds.

"We hope from the four laboratories will have success to flap KAN accreditation flag. In fact, we hope everyone can qualify the assessment, so the testing to other laboratories can also be done," Elfi said.

In the next, if the laboratory had been cognitied by KAN, the laboratories no merely used for academic purposes like student practicum and Lecturer research only. "In the next the laboratories which have been cognitied by KAN will be used for industry benefit, government, community and UMKM," Elfi said.

In addition, assessing toward the number of laboratories, the arrival of assessors to UMM also simultaneously provided knowledge about the ISO 9001 standard to the entire head of the laboratories accross UMM. This International Standard specified several requirements for a Quality Management System to demonstrate in order to meet the requirements of legislation and enacted regulations. (Naz)



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