In 2019 UMM Held the First E-Vote PEMIRA

Author : Humas | Wednesday, June 19, 2019 15:11 WIB
Chair and Deputy Chair of University Student Executive Board candidate debate in BAU Auditorium. (Photo: Mirza/PR UMM)

The Great Election Excitement (PEMIRA) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) started to fill the air. There are new things in this 2019 PEMIRA, It is because the election is using Electronic Vote (E-Vote) method. The E-vote method of voting will be held on 20-21 June.

The candidate debate already held in every faculty and university level. Just like in the university level, the debate was attended by both of the BEM-U candidates they are Sufyan Indra Jayadi – Ayu Nurlaila Catur and Abdul Aziz Pranata – Diki Wahyudi. The debate was held in BAU Auditorium, Tuesday (19/6).

Those who will choose are required to use the Student Identification Number (NIM) and Personal Identification Code (PIC) for the login access.The students will use their voting rights to determine the Chair and Deputy Chair of the University Student Executive Board (BEM-U), Members of the University Senate (SEM-U), the Chair and Deputy Chair of BEM Faculty (BEMFA), Members of the Faculty Senate (SEFA), and the Chair and Deputy Chair of Department Student Association (HMJ).

Sulfian Ade Nur Rochim, Head of the University's Election Commission (KPRU) said that if the E-vote selection process is a step to make PEMIRA process more efficient and effective. "More paper-saving, of course.Thecalculations are more accurate and well-systemized," said Sulfian during the debate breaks.

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Sulfian and the team worked hard to make everything well-prepared. This was intended to increase the student’s political participation.He and his team have also carried out a massive digital and conventional socialization.“The most effective socialization is with closest friends.We keep on emphasize it,” he said.

This new method of collaboration between KPRU and the Information and Communication Institute (Infokom) will be the first time for UMM to hold E-voting method in PEMIRA.The sulfian claim that this new method will minimize the number of errors and will be safer from various problems compared to the paper copy method. (joh)



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