Fasting for 19 Hours, 3 Students of UMM Felt Special Ramadhan in Poland

Author : Humas | Sunday, June 03, 2018 14:16 WIB

Tata and his friends of Indonesian Student Association in Poznan held bazaar before dusk prayer

When the temperature in Poznan is rising, it means that summer is coming soon. Tata Budhi Prasetyo, a student of Management study program, Faculty of Economic and Business (FEB), University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), excitedly shared his story when he is in Poland, saying “Thanks to God, although there are many obstacles, but I am still able to fast for two weeks”. Poland and Indonesia have five hours different.

Tata who is already staying in Poland for four months said that he already prepared himself to fast in a four-season-country. Although this is not his first time fasting in another country, but this time is pretty difficult for him to arrange his resting time and having his pre-down meal. Tata said, “When I was in Singapore, it was not too hard to arrange my sleeping time and having my pre-down meal”.

Tata who is from Malang, Indonesia, revealed that he only has six hours for breaking his fast, praying, taking a rest, and having pre-down meal. “It is quite difficult to arrange times for breaking the fast and praying because the time is short”.

When summer is coming soon, the daylight is getting longer which is for 19 hours. Tata admitted that he often spends his time going to library. “At the beginning, I went to library to find Air Conditioner”.

Being a minority in Renaissance Country does not make Tata lower their faith. Tata and his friends of Indonesian Student Association in Poznan made an event for breaking the fast. “We made Indonesian food stalls. Citizen of Poznan can enjoy it during the fast breaking time”.

Meanwhile, two beautiful students of UMM, Elisa Kusno and Rosida Sewi Faizatul have a unique story about fasting with citizens in Poland and Romanians. After attending Romanian language class, Oci (the nickname of Rosida Dewi) who is a student of Mathematics Department, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, UMM, excitedly told her story, saying, “It was the second or third days of Ramadhan they knew that I am fasting. Then, they started asking me about it”.

Elisa, a student of Food Technology Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, said that her friend paid more attention to her. They checked on her whether she was alright or not almost in every minute. Elisa said, “They take care of me and ask me about my condition in almost every minute”.

Although they are far apart from their families, no breaking the fast with friends, no having pre-down meal on the road, and queue the line in mosque to have free food, But those three students who are joining Erasmus+ program admitted that the experience of fasting in Europe will never be forgotten. Oci said, “It is so sad when I read group chat. My friends plan to break the fast together and I cannot join them. Fortunately, the togetherness here is very strong. It is like I have family here”. (lus)



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