142 BUMN Are Ready to Receive UMM Internship Students

Author : Humas | Friday, November 09, 2018 09:05 WIB
Taking photo together with several elements of the leadership of PT Barata in Gresik — one of BUMNs — after signing the Cooperation between PT Barata and UMM in the context of Certified Internship Program, which would be begun on November 16. (Photo: Special)

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) continously increases industrial partners as a means of enriching insights and skills in preparing students to enter the workforce. One of them was the collaboration of UMM and 142 companies under the auspices of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) through a Certified Internship Program.


This program is in related to what was conveyed by BUMN Minister, Rini M. Soemarno, in which BUMN has a big contribution to develop human resources in Indonesia. "One of the ways taken is to bring the world of education, schools and universities closer to industry," explained Drs. Soeparto, M.Pd, the Rectorate Special Assistant in Partnership on Wednesday (11/8)


Soeparto added that the collaboration established was included work studies for 7th semester students. "Students not only become the observers, but also get an orientation from the company and immediately work in their fields. So, it can improve the quality of human capital for students," said Soeparto.


Soeparto said that this program would not disrupt the participants' lectures. In the future, distance learning systems will be applied through blended learning methods or online based education programs. So, the participants can continue their lectures on the subjects being udertaken.


Furthermore, Soeparto explained, the Certified Internship Program is a program under the Indonesian Human Capital Forum (FHCI), namely a synergy forum for practitioners of human capital management around BUMN. This forum has a commitment to improve the competitiveness of Indonesia's human resources.


In a different place, UMM Vice Rector I in charge of academics, Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si recently signed a partnership through a cooperation charter scheme with PT. Barata Indonesia in Gresik. UMM sent 9 students of Psychology Department, Communication Science Department, Accounting Department, and Faculty of Engineering to have an internship there. (ard)



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