10 Years Synergizing with Malang Post, PBSI UMM Study Program Students Launched Three Newspapers

Author : Humas | Wednesday, January 15, 2020 14:07 WIB
The Night Atmosphere of PKL Journalistic Awarding with Malang Post and PBSI UMM Students (Photo: Special)

The newspaper was still not outdated. Evidenced by the printing of three newspapers the results of Field practice (PKL) Journalism students of Indonesian Language and Literature Education Department (PBSI) of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) who had synergized with Malang Post for ten years. These were the Prahasta Post Newspapers, Kabar Kawula, and Soenda Ketjil, as journalistic products.

"Starting in 2010, which is initiated by the late Khusnun Djuraid (Chief Commissioner of Malang post) until now in 2020. This PKL Journalistic course remains in the tenth year. This certainly can be a provision for you in the future because for one semester the students have learned a lot. Not only studying journalism but also looking for advertising, as well as marketing, "said Abdul Halim S. Sos., As a lecturer in PKL journalism as well as Chief Editor of Malang Post.

There was an important note from all these student newspapers. One newspaper made by students, the newspaper Kabar Kawula, succeeded to sell 1042 copies in a span of two days and was finished on the order a week before going to press. Following Prahasta Post, which sold 1039 copies, and approximately 900 copies were sold by Soenda Ketjil.

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"Looking at the journalistic products tonight proves that the newspaper is not outdated because many experts predict that newspapers will be crushed by online media. But tonight, I still see evidence that the newspaper still exists, "said Sugeng Winarno as UMM Communication Specialist and UMM Head of Public Relations and Protocol.

The journalistic concept, according to Sugeng, was work in progress. Therefore, to become a reliable journalist, students had to be willing to continue learning and not be easily satisfied and had to continue to improve quality. Sugeng then said, there were at least three main functions of the media namely as a media of information (to inform), as material to educate (to educate), and to entertain (to Entertain).

"After I saw and read these three newspapers, I feel that the three of them have fulfilled the three main functions of the media which are to Inform, to Educate, and to Entertain," Sugeng continued in his welcoming speech while filling the night of the Journalistic PKL awarding, Saturday (11/1), in the BAU Campus III Auditorium UMM.

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On the eve of the awards ceremony of Journalistic PKL class of 2016, there were 19 award nominations for students who had dedicated themselves during the PKL, namely talented editorial secretaries, talented general managers, talented photographers, and talented journalists.

"With the collaboration between Malang Post and PBSI UMM Department, God willing, this course will still exist because here students are given a variety of skills. Starting from finding information worth releasing, learning to communicate well with speakers, to pouring it into written form, "said Dr. Sugiarti M.Si., Chair of PBSI UMM Department. (win)



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