UMM KaCa Car Implemented Character Education through Modeling the Story of the Prophet

Author : Humas | Friday, January 17, 2020 15:23 WIB
The KaCa UMM Car Team together with the participants when they visited "Sang Surya" Da'wah House in IKIP Tegalgondo Housing, Malang (Photo: Rizki / PR).

Character education needed to be taught and instilled early on. One thing that could be done was by telling stories of exemplary prophets. As was done by KaCa car University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) who visited the Da'wah House "Sang Surya" in IKIP Tegalgondo Housing, Malang, Thursday (16/1).

As one of the institutions under the leadership of the Muhamadiyah Branch (PRM), the Da'wah House of the Sang Surya had an important role in training children's character education from an early age. "Character building can shape a child's personality later on. Through the stories told, children are taught about morality. It is hoped that with the stories of the Prophets and Apostles, the children can practice according to the teachings of Islam, "said Ustadzah Nurul, the storyteller.

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Da'wah House also applied the concept of out-of-class learning activity programs, such as outbound in order to stimulate students' sensitivity to nature. In line with this concept, the activities of KaCa Car UMM also gave material in the form of games. It invited two presenters from UMM students, taught "Guess the Style of Picture Cards" by Dewi Nur Diana from the Arabic Language Department and translated the Animal Name by Johan Achmad from English Language Education Department.

According to Syamsuddin, the Principal of the Da'wah House of Sang Surya, the KaCa Car activity was one of the character learning innovations that was not boring. "Thank God, the guessing method of pictorial card style is very suitable for students from the age of 5 to 15 years. In addition, the material presented in visuals such as copying the style of card characters can be very quickly for our students to memorize, "he said warmly.

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The agenda continued with literacy activities. Children were very enthusiastic in choosing the KaCa Book collection that was related to the stories of the Prophet and the Apostle. "Since children still choose books based on visual books, books with the concept of storytelling are the target of our children," Syamsuddin added. While that activity, reading the book was also assisted by foster teachers and students at university in telling and conveying lessons that could be learned from copying the behaviour of the Prophet and Apostle in the application of the child's character life.

The Da'wah house of Sang Surya was very appreciative and claimed to need young educators who were competent in educating children. Because, continued Ustadz Nurul, not all educators could do their job in shaping the character of children. The method given tended to be boring. It needed learning methods that were packaged with the latest innovations and special treatment for children as did the KaCa UMM car team. (win)



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