UMM Robotics Team Wins Contest in US

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Two of the three University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Robotics teams sent to represent Indonesia in the robotics event of Trinity College Fire Fighting in the United States (US), successfully won the title I and II.

In the competition held on 1-3 April 2017, the Robotics Team of UMM competes with the finalists representatives from several countries, Canada, China, Israel, Portugal, United Arab Emirates (UAE), USA and Indonesia. "Each participant is given a chance to undergo 5 times 'trial' The first trial is calculated how long extinguish the fire, then the second trial is calculated when saving baby doll, then the value is averaged," said lecturer of UMM Robotics Team, Alik Ansyori Alamsyah in Malang, East Java, on Tuesday (4/4).

From the results of that trial, he added, the Robotics Team of UMM has been able to estimate the average value is quite high. "We all can expect to win the competition after the game, and, alhamdulillah it is true, we won this competition," he said.

UMM Robotics Team sent three robots, namely Team InaMuh and Unmuh Malang team for legged robot division, and DomeMuh Team for wheeled robot division. Of the three teams, UMM won two titles at once, the first winner of InaMuh team for the robot legged division and the second rank of Unmuh Malang team for the legged robot division as well.

Besides winning 2nd place, UMM Robotics Team also won the best poster title for InaMuh team of robot legged division. "To reach the champion had experienced obstacles due to leakage of water channels during the race will take place," said Ikhlal Aldhi Wijaya, UMM Electrical Engineering student, UMM Robotics Team representative in the robot contest.

Despite the water leak, Ikhlal and the team panicked and immediately repaired the damage. "Only after everything was settled, we panicked because the damage was still continues during the race, "he said.

He explained in the first trial, the robot failed to remove water, but previously tried many times and successful. After repaired, UMM robot can remove the water, extinguish the fire and rescue the baby doll in the room is inscribed according to the rules of the race.

Responding to the Robotics Team’s victory, UMM Rector Fauzan said all the students who won competition will get appreciation from UMM in the form of scholarship or dependent fee of Education Development Contribution (SPP).

In addition, all works that have been made by the students will be exhibited in the festival of innovation and works. "August will be held the festival of innovation to push the spirit of students or other lecturers to continue to create innovations and works that can benefit the wider community, "he said. (OL-3)




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