Badan Pengendalian Internal

In 2000, as an early step, this institution is called SPI (Internal Controller Unit) in which its members consist of : Dra. Sri Wibawani, Ak.,MSI (Head), Drs. Adi Parsetyo, MSI (Secretary), Drs. Warsono, MM and Suseso Aji, SE,MSI (staff). Next, in 2005, with consideration to improve its function and role, SPI was changed into BPI (Internal Control Unit). Several functions and roles which are improved such as the effort to help external need of finacial responsibility of government project fund use. In that year, the members of Internal Control Unit consist of  Dr. Ahmad Juanda, Ak.,MM (Head); Drs. Adi Prasetyo, MSi (Secretary), Dra. Sri Wibawani, Ak.,MSi, Drs. Warsono, MM (staff).
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