French Start Attack Militant in Mali from Land

Author : Administrator | Thursday, January 17, 2013 10:49 WIB
Tentara Prancis di Mali

VIVAnews - For the first time, France lowered its troops to storm the headquarters of al-Qaeda in Mali, Wednesday. The previous six days, France pounded Mali from the air, killing many militants of al-Qaeda.

Reported by Reuters, the French Army Commander Edouard Guillaud said that was a shootout between their forces with the alliance-led terrorist organization al-Qaeda's wing in North Africa, AQIM, and local militant kingpin and the Ansar Dine MUJWA.

Witnesses said around 30 French combat vehicles, Sagaie, has advanced towards Niono terrorist headquarters in the city, about 300km from the capital Bamako. With troops on standby near the border of Mali Mauritius, the terrorists were cornered in the city Diabaly.

"The battle is ongoing. Far only shoot from afar. They have not made it into Diabaly," said Oumar Ould Hamaha, MUJWA militant spokesman.

North African military commander said that France will soon be assisted by about 2,000 troops from Nigeria, Chad, and other regional powers. They are formed by UN troops should start operating in September, but accelerated due to French intervention.

Guillaud said that France abandon the way of attack from the air using Rafale and Mirage fighter jets. They said the bombardment of the jet will also civilians. "We refuse to put civilians in danger. If we hesitate, we will not shoot," he said.

President Francois Hollande said on Tuesday that French troops would remain in Mali until the al-Qaeda driven out and create stability. 1,700 French troops already in Mali in the operation. It is estimated, will be deployed 2,500 troops France in the next few days.

Help keep coming from European countries. Germany promised to send a Transall military aircraft to help sending troops to Mali. England had already been lowered two giant transport aircraft C-17 to bring combat vehicles and medical supplies.

Meanwhile, the United States is considering sending logistical and drone to spy. But the United States to ensure that they will not lose support troops. (Eh)

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